Why Swiss Annuities?

Swiss Annuities are suitable for anyone who is looking for very safe forms of investments, asset protection, flexibility, foreign currency investments, and many other aspects. The following gives just a brief overview of who typically purchases Swiss Annuities:

  • Anyone interested in one of the safest forms of investments in the world, available in an environment of the unique legal and economic stability of Switzerland.
  • Investors who wish to diversify internationally their investments into other currencies and wish to do so in one of the most secure ways.
  • Investors who wish to a secure source of retirement income 
  • Professionals most exposed to law suits such as medical doctors, lawyers and other professionals, entrepreneurs, company executives and real estate owners, who wish to legally protect their assets from frivolous lawsuits and unjustified claims.
  • US investors who are interested in investing in a foreign annuity and who wish to legally avoid paying the 1% excise tax, which is possible based on the provisions contained in the Swiss-American double taxation treaty.
  • Anyone who wishes to invest in insurance but requires high liquidity. With a Swiss annuity, all capital, plus all accumulated interest and dividends, are freely accessible at any time — without any surrender fees or cancellation costs.