What is a Swiss Annuity?

The word annuity derives from the Latin word annus (= a year) and literally means annual payments. In its basic form, it is an investment that provides a defined series of payments in the future in exchange for an up-front sum of money.

When you purchase an annuity from an insurance company, the insurance company will commit to pay an income for a specified period of time. Whether the income payments start right away, or at a future date, is determined by the type of annuity that is chosen.

Swiss Annuities are unique investments. Not only are they a very safe form of investment, they also offer extremely strong asset protection, which is particularly relevant for any investor and wealthy individuals all around the world, who wish to protect their assets legally. Depending on the individual situation of the investor, investments in Swiss Annuities and life insurance may also offer tax advantages.

All of these advantages are available in an environment of legal and economic stability that Switzerland offers and that is second to none in the world.